Outdoor Charcoal Grills

Classic park style charcoal grills, Kamado, and live fire wood or charcoal grilling machines

Take your backyard cookout up a notch with a new charcoal grill from Ash & Ember. Premium built full Kamado grills to the classic park style charcoal grills that will be the talk of the cookout. Great selection and All orders over $250 ship free.

Take your backyard cookout up a notch with a new charcoal grill from Ash & Ember. Premium built full Kamado grills to the classic park style charcoal grills that will be the talk of the cookout. Great selection and All orders over $250 ship free.

Charcoal Grills FAQ's

What Are the Different Types of Charcoal Grills?

Charcoal grills are available in a variety of styles, including: kamado, park style without lid, park style with lid, smoker, open fire (Argentine), and fire pit. Fire-pit style charcoal grills are particularly versatile and can be transformed from a cooking surface to a fire pit in a matter of minutes. Some fire-pit style grills come with removable wood side tables that provide dining and prep space around the open flame. And some of the charcoal grills on this list — the smoker, for example — have special purposes other than just cooking meat and vegetables. Be sure to check out the product before you buy.

What Is a Kamado Charcoal Grill?

A kamado charcoal grill is an egg-shaped outdoor cooking appliance based on the Japanese clay oven. Kamado grills are known for their versatility, efficiency, and precise heat control. Key features of the kamado grill include: Ceramic construction that allows for superior heat insulation and extremely high temperatures (up to 750 degrees). Consistent and even heat distribution throughout the cook chamber. Intricate airflow systems that allow for precise temperature control and a wide range of cooking methods (including grilling, searing, roasting, smoking, and even baking). In addition, kamado grills are fuel efficient and require less charcoal than traditional grills.

What Is a Park Style Charcoal Grill?

A park style grill typically consists of a heavy-duty steel firebox and a height-adjustable cooking grate that can use both wood and charcoal as fuel. The firebox may be two- or three-sided depending on the model and the design and can be a variety of sizes ranging from 256 square inches or less and up to 942 square inches or more. Some park style charcoal grills even come with a lid to lock in flavor and protect your food while it’s cooking. Many park style grills are portable and can be packed and set on the ground when it’s time to light the flame. Other models include a heavy-duty steel pole that you can mount the grill on for a more permanent cooking surface.

What Is an Open Fire Grill?

An open-fire grill (sometimes called an Argentine grill or a live fire grill) features a fire box with no top and an adjustable grate you can use to control exactly how much your food is exposed to the open flame. Many open fire grills also include an adjustable flywheel to raise and lower the grate as needed — close to the flame for hot and fast searing or away from the flame for low and slow sizzling. Like park style grills, open fire grills can use both wood and charcoal as fuel.

How Can I Choose the Best Charcoal Grill for My Backyard?

When choosing the best charcoal grill for your backyard, consider the following: Fuel type: Is the grill set up to burn charcoal or will it only work with some other type of fuel (e.g., wood, propane, or natural gas)? Size and design: Charcoal grills come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so pick one that’ll fit and look good in your outdoor space. Portability: Do you prefer a portable charcoal grill, or are you looking for something more permanent? Budget: Charcoal grills range from affordable to luxurious, so think about your budget before deciding. Maintenance: All charcoal grills require cleaning and basic care, but some need more than others. Find out what you have to do to keep your grill working well before you buy.

What Charcoal Grill Accessories Do I Need?

Charcoal grill accessories help you make the most of your cooking experience. Some popular accessories include: covers, cast iron grill grates, rotisserie forks (of various sizes), ash tools, grill tables, serving carts. While some of these accessories are universal, others depend on your specific charcoal grill. For example, you’ll want to measure your grill before buying a grill grate or cover.

Why Buy a Charcoal Grill from Ash & Ember?

Ash & Ember provides premium outdoor products — including park-style charcoal grills, kamado grills, open-fire grills, grill accessories ― at an affordable price. Our charcoal grills are carefully crafted with high-quality materials and cutting-edge design to provide the ultimate outdoor experience. And we offer flexible payment options, including the popular Buy Now, Pay Later so you can enjoy your new grill now while paying for it over time with manageable installments.