Why Teak Wood Reigns Supreme for Outdoor Furniture

Why Teak Wood Reigns Supreme for Outdoor Furniture

April 16, 2024

If you’ve been browsing outdoor furniture lately, you’ve probably noticed that teak patio furniture has become very popular — and for good reason. But if you’re on the fence about going with teak wood for your next purchase, keep reading to find out why it reigns supreme when it comes to creating an outdoor haven that will last year after year and look great for just as long!

A Timeless Aesthetic for a Modern Age

Quality teak wood is one of the more aesthetically pleasing options available and can elevate your entire backyard vibe. With a warm, golden hue that matures to a beautiful silver patina over time, teak can be crafted into elegant traditional designs or more modern shapes to suit classic and contemporary styles. So not only does it look great, it’s also extremely versatile!

Top Notch Durability for Long Lasting Use

With exceptional strength and density, Grade A teak wood is the perfect wood for crafting teak outdoor furniture that will need to endure years of use — and it has a tight grain structure that prevents cracks and warping. In fact, teak is one of the hardest woods available, so it makes sense that teak wood pieces are often thought of as an investment that can be passed down through generations.

Naturally Weather-Resistant to Withstand the Elements

There’s a reason teak wood has been used in shipbuilding for centuries. Premium teak wood has natural oils that form a protective barrier that repels water, making it naturally weather resistant. That means it won’t fade, crack or mildew — perfect for outdoor furniture in climates that see a lot of sun, snow, humidity and rain.

Low Maintenance to No Maintenance

Unlike more high-maintenance alternatives, teak requires minimal upkeep. An occasional cleaning to remove any accumulated debris or stains is all it takes to keep your furniture looking its best. Teak weathers to a beautiful silvery gray patina if left untreated, but you can also oil your teak furniture seasonally to maintain its natural golden hue. And that means you can spend more time enjoying your time outdoors and less time cleaning!

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