Grade A Teak Wood: What Is It & Why Does It Matter?

Grade A Teak Wood: What Is It & Why Does It Matter?

April 16, 2024

When it comes to outdoor furniture, teak has made a name for itself over the past few years, and for good reason! It’s weather-resistant to withstand most climates, one of the most durable woods available, and is a natural gorgeous golden-brown that weathers to a beautiful silvery patina. What’s not to love? But did you know that teak wood comes in different grades that affect how long lasting (and even how aesthetically pleasing) your outdoor pieces are?

Keep reading to discover what “Grade A” teak really means and why it matters when it comes to choosing your next piece of teak outdoor furniture, whether it's outdoor rocking chairs, bar tables, coffee tables, or dining sets.

What Do We Mean by “Grade A”?

First of all, what do we even mean by “Grade A” teak? Teak wood is graded by a few different factors — including appearance, knots, durability and weather-resistance. And there are three main grades of teak: Grade A, Grade B, and Grade C. The grade of your new teak table can make all the difference in how long it lasts and how well it withstands harsher weather.

What is Grade A Teak?

Grade A teak comes from the premium “heartwood” of a mature tree, while Grade B and Grade C teak comes from the outer layers of the tree, unlike lower grades sourced from the outer sections. This matters because Grade A teak:

Packs a punch of weather-resistant oils

Grade A teak is much more naturally water-resistant than lower grade teak. This is because most of the natural water-resistant oils in teak wood are found in the heart of the tree that Grade A teak is sourced from. These oils act as a natural shield, protecting the wood from moisture, rot, insects, and even harsh weather conditions.

Boasts exceptional structural integrity

Thanks to its tight grain and density, Grade A teak furniture won't warp, crack, or succumb to wear and tear as easily as Grade B or Grade C teak wood. When it comes to durability, Grade A teak stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Has a consistent, honey-like color with a tight, close grain

That means no unsightly knots, discolorations, or imperfections that can be present in lower grades. The natural beauty of teak wood really shines through with grade A teak. The consistent color and lack of imperfections create a high-end look that can elevate any outdoor space.

Requires Much Less Maintenance

Because Grade A teak wood is so naturally durable and weather resistant, it requires much less upkeep than lower grade teak, especially if you plan to use your teak furniture outdoors. That means there's less of a need to move your furniture indoors or to cover it when a storm rolls in.

The Bottom Line: Is Grade A Teak Right for You?

If you prioritize aesthetics, durability, and minimal maintenance, then Grade A teak is undoubtedly the winner. The best choice depends on your individual needs and priorities, and lower grade teak wood can be great for indoor use where your furniture won’t need to withstand the elements.

But if you’re looking to outfit your outdoor space with teak patio furniture that will stand the test of time, Grade A teak is hands down the best choice.

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