Ash & Ember Grade A Teak Wood: How is it Sourced?

Ash & Ember Grade A Teak Wood: How is it Sourced?

April 16, 2024

If you’ve been scouting outdoor furniture lately, you may be familiar with the incredible benefits of Grade A teak wood.

But you may also have some concerns about whether teak wood is a sustainable option, especially with its increasing popularity.

All teak wood used in Ash & Ember outdoor furniture is 100% sustainably sourced, but how is it sourced? And where does it come from?

Keep reading to find out where our Grade A teak wood comes from, why it matters, and how it makes it from halfway across the world to your backyard.

Why is Teak Wood Outdoor Furniture so popular?

Naturally weather-resistant, minimal upkeep, exceptional durability, and a distinct beauty that looks great in any outdoor space.

When you research the benefits of Grade A teak wood, it becomes obvious why it’s the top choice for outdoor patio furniture.

But not all teak is the same. Teak wood comes in A, B, and C grades. And it’s only Grade A teak that lives up to all these claims.

This is because Grade A teak wood, like the wood used to craft all of Ash & Ember’s teak furniture, comes from the heart of the tree, where the grain is finer and almost all of the naturally weather-resistant oils are found.

This makes Grade A teak wood incredibly strong, naturally weather and water-resistant, and absent of the blemishes and knots that mar the finish of lower grade teak wood. Kind of like inclusions in a diamond. Basically, Grade A teak wood is the VS1 grade diamond of the wood world.

That means that not only is teak outdoor furniture made with this gorgeous wood naturally mildew-resistant, the tight grain structure also prevents cracking and warping — a must for outdoor patio furniture.

Why is Grade A teak wood so coveted?

Like a good bottle of wine, Grade A teak takes time. The life cycle of a teak tree from seedling to harvestable tree is 40 – 50 years.

Considering it takes half a century and the perfect environment to produce the tree that will become the teak patio table you and your family gather around, it’s no wonder it's so sought after.

But this also brings up another question.

Is Ash & Ember's Grade A teak wood sustainable?

You may have heard about the teak wood industry in Myanmar contributing to deforestation.

And we won’t get too into the politics here, but after a military coup took over the democratic civilian government in Myanmar, the US and other countries levied sanctions against military-controlled companies — including the state-controlled Myanmar Timber Enterprise (MTE), which is the only company in the country allowed to harvest and sell timber for export.

This is a serious problem that affects the environment and many people in Myanmar. For this reason, Ash & Ember does not import teak wood from Myanmar.

It’s important to us to know where our teak comes from and how it’s harvested for sustainability and human rights reasons, as well as to comply with government regulations.

So how is Ash & Ember’s Grade A teak wood sourced?

Ash & Ember sources all of its Grade A teak wood from Indonesia.

It’s important to note that all Indonesian teak wood comes from legal, regulated government plantations, not from natural forests.

This is important because plantation teak is a renewable resource and is farmed to produce a sustainable supply.

Our teak wood is then kiln dried for 30-45 days minimum to increase the stability and hardness of the wood.

To top it all off, all of our pieces are hand sanded, shaped, and polished for an exceptional finish, before machine finished joints are crafted for consistency.

Navigating the unknown together

As the world becomes more and more globally connected, it can feel even more difficult to make choices that not only affect you and your family, but that can also affect hundreds of people halfway across the globe.

Things can get pretty muddy with all of the information out there. That’s why Ash & Ember is committed to transparency during every step of the manufacturing process, from sourcing materials to delivering it to your front door.


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