Valentine's Day Gift Ideas Your Outdoor Enthusiast Will Actually Like

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas Your Outdoor Enthusiast Will Actually Like

April 16, 2024

If you’re anything like us, Valentine’s Day has probably snuck up on you and you’re still hunting for the perfect gift. Chocolate and roses are great, but maybe you’re tired of gifting the same old thing you’ve given them every year for the past five years. Or maybe they’re the outdoorsy type but you're not sure what outdoor gift would make their heart sing. And what do you get for someone as dazzling and unique as your significant other?

Don’t worry, we've curated a list of five personalized outdoor gifts for all you last minute love birds! Keep reading for some seriously thoughtful gift ideas that will have your outdoor enthusiast feeling all the love — whether they’re a green thumb, a grill master, an outdoor entertainer, a go-getter in desperate need of some chill time, or just someone who wants to cozy up with you on Valentine’s Day!

For the Gardening Green Thumb

Is your SO always in the garden? Do they grow their own vegetables or love to watch their blossoms bloom? If so, check out the suggestions below for gardening gifts your loved one will get use out of all year long.

A planter or two

If your valentine is an avid gardener, consider gifting them a planter or two to spruce up their outdoor oasis. Not sure what type of planter to buy? Grab one that really vibes with their style.

If they’re into more modern styles, consider a design like this Onyx Sphere Planter. Or maybe they would prefer a more classic look like a wood planter that blends seamlessly into the nature around it. But if you do go for a more natural wooden planter, make sure it’s made out of a weather-resistant material if you live in an area with unpredictable weather, like this naturally weather-resistant teak planter. And if you know their planter will have to withstand harsh weather on a regular basis, you may want to check out a planter that’s just as durable as it is stylish, like a planter made from Corten steel.

Outdoor gear and gardening tools

Don’t think there’s nothing you can get your valentine just because they’ve already perfected their garden. Taking care of plants requires regular upkeep and a lot of work. Upgrading their garden game with gardening tools they’ll use for years to come is a great way to support them in their passion. Some great (and practical) gifts you may want to consider are a new harvest basket, a snazzy pair of gardening gloves, and a heavy-duty gardening apron.

A monthly subscription

Let them feel the love all year long with a monthly subscription. Some great options for outdoor lovers all over are a Bulb of the Month Club or even a subscription to their favorite gardening magazine. Not only will they get to spruce up their garden with a new surprise every month, it will also be a monthly reminder of how much you care.


For the Outdoor Lover Who Needs a Little R&R

If your beau or belle may love their outdoor adventures, but if they're in dire need of some chill time or have been working hard all year long, these Valentine’s Day gifts will let them rest and relax in the great outdoors.

Spa and hot tub accessories

Help your outdoorsy person create a spa vibe from the comfort of their own home and set up a romantic Valentine's Day hot tub date night — then surprise them with a drink and snack tray that hooks onto their hot tub or some spa steps!

Adirondack chair and ottoman

Give the gift of relaxation with a comfy Adirondack chair and matching ottoman — Perfect for lazy afternoons or starry nights on the patio!

Poolside lounge chair

Give your honey the gift of relaxation with a top-tier pool lounger. Or join them with a gorgeous double-wide lounger you can both enjoy.


For the Grill Master (or Grill Mistress!)

If your loved one is the king (or queen) of the backyard barbeque, they’ll love any of these grilling gifts. And bonus, you’ll get to devour all the delicious grub they cook up!

Grill or smoker

If grilling is their jam, hook them up with a killer grill or smoker. If your partner already has the grill or smoker of their dreams, a grill cover to protect their baby can make a great gift.

Grill accessories

Complete their grilling arsenal with a set of top-notch grilling tools. Think grilling tongs, kabob skewers, spatulas, an ash tool and an apron.

Grill attachments

If your valentine already has a grill and all the usual accessories, consider kicking it up a notch with an attachment that allows them to perfect their searing skills like this adjustable grill grate. Or consider a BBQ prep station like this one to keep all their tools and supplies organized.


For the Outdoor Entertainer

Is your guy or gal a social butterfly who loves to entertain? If your outdoor lover is always the first of the season to throw a pool party or host brunch on the patio, consider the gifts below.

Serving cart

Level up their hosting game with a slick serving cart to store drinks, glassware, and appetizers — perfect for hosting friends and family outdoors.

Bar cabinet

And if your sweetie happens to be a bit of a mixologist, a stylish bar cabinet could be a fun addition to their outdoor space.

Table and chair set

But if your valentine is all about hosting big backyard brunches or just enjoys a nice coffee outdoors with a few close friends, a high quality outdoor table and matching chairs set would provide a much-appreciated space to meet up with friends and family.


For the Outdoor Lover Who Likes to Cozy Up

Maybe you and your Valentine just want to spend some quality time together. If that’s the case, check out the gifts below to create a romantic getaway in your own backyard.

A gorgeous fire pit

There’s nothing cozier than a crackling fire with your loved one by your side, and a nice fire pit can be a unique gift they’ll enjoy for years to come. And if you want to go the extra mile you can complete their cozy setup with some fire pit accessories like a log grabber or a log poker so they're ready to use their fire pit from day one.

Porch swing or day bed

If you really want to splurge on your outdoor adventurer this year, think about getting them a gorgeous day bed — or a porch swing — like this twin porch swing or this queen version — an invitation for pure relaxation!

Outdoor loveseat

And what better gift for Valentine’s Day than a cozy place to snuggle that literally has love in the name? Consider gifting your outdoor-loving valentine an outdoor loveseat so they can hang out in the back yard in comfort.



As you know, it’s the little quirks and unique passions that make your special person so special. Giving a gift tailored to your loved one isn’t just a gift, it’s also a way to say “I get you” and a reminder of how much you appreciate them for exactly who they are. So save the box of chocolates for next year and give them one of these outdoor gifts to show how much you care!