Teak Outdoor Furniture Buying Guide

Teak Outdoor Furniture Buying Guide

April 16, 2024

Styling a new or existing patio or backyard space can be a lot of fun — especially when you throw high quality teak outdoor furniture in the mix!

But do you go with chairs, benches, sofas, or swings? Do you need a dining table? And what about a fire pit or grill? The combinations are nearly endless. but don’t worry, we’re here to help!

In this article, we discuss what to consider when buying teak outdoor furniture and how to choose the best options for your space and lifestyle.

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What Is Teak?

Teak is a naturally water-resistant hardwood known for its rich appearance, heavy feel, and ability to stand up to the weather.

It’s extremely durable and can last for decades with the proper care. Left untreated, teak furniture develops a silvery patina that many people love the look of, but that doesn’t affect its integrity and can be prevented with regular cleaning and occasional oiling.

Teak’s natural weather-resistance makes it the perfect material for outdoor furniture of all types and sizes.

And maintenance is minimal — you can leave it to weather naturally and develop the silvery patina mentioned above, but it’s still a good idea to clean the wood once or twice a year with soapy water.

But if you prefer the golden brown color of new teak, you can apply a high-quality, penetrating teak oil designed for outdoor use at the beginning of the season.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for Teak Outdoor Furniture

Your needs

With all of the gorgeous teak outdoor furniture out there, it’s easy to forget the obvious. The furniture you choose needs to fit your needs and your lifestyle.

Do you need furniture for only one or two people? Or do you need furniture for a large family? Do you plan to use your furniture for lounging or are you a social butterfly who loves to entertain?

For example, a family of three may outfit their space with a fire pit surrounded by chairs, coffee tables, and benches with the idea that it will mostly be just them (and maybe a few friends from time to time).

On the other hand, that same family of three may choose to outfit their space with a fire pit surrounded by chairs, coffee tables, and benches as well as a large dining table for weekly neighborhood gatherings.

Before you buy, think about how you’ll use the furniture, then choose pieces that meet that need.

Your space

Another major factor to consider when shopping for teak outdoor furniture is your space.

If you have a small patio or deck, one or two well-chosen pieces will go a long way. If, on the other hand, you have a large, open backyard area, you’ll likely need more than one or two pieces of furniture to fill the space.

As we’ll discuss in the next section, take the time to measure and test different layouts in your available space so you can choose teak outdoor furniture that works best for your needs.


The weather and climate in your area play a big part in choosing outdoor furniture for your patio, deck, or backyard space.

Teak outdoor furniture is largely weather-resistant, but it’s still a good idea to consider the conditions your furniture will be exposed to.

  • What’s the weather like for the majority of the months you’ll spend outside?
  • How hot does it get?
  • Will your furniture get a lot of direct sunlight?
  • How much rain do you get?
  • Are you near the ocean where salt in the air becomes a factor?
  • Are high winds an issue?
  • Will your teak outdoor furniture have to endure falling leaves, acorns, and branches?
  • What’s the weather like during the off-season?
  • Do you get a lot of snow during the winter months?
  • Will you store your furniture under cover but still outside when not in use?

Your answers to these questions will have an effect on how you’ll need to clean your teak furniture. If you live in a harsher climate, you may need to clean your pieces or treat them with oil more often, so that’s something to keep in mind when selecting your furniture.


Before you buy a patio full of teak outdoor furniture, consider how you’ll store it during the off-season.

If you live in a place where significant snowfall is a regular occurrence, it’s best to either cover the furniture when not in use or store it inside until the weather improves.

Similarly, if the winter months are too cool or rainy for you to spend time outdoors, you may want to move the furniture into a covered space — a garage or shed works well — to keep it clean and ready to go for the warm months.

Another option is to cover your teak Adirondack chairs, glider benches, and coffee tables with heavy-duty, waterproof tarps when they’re not in use. This is especially useful if you don’t have enough indoor space to accommodate all of your outdoor furniture


For maximum flexibility, consider adding modular furniture to your outdoor space. Chairs that can be moved around and together to form a large bench or sofa provide great options for lounging, entertaining, or just chilling with friends and family.

For example, Ash & Ember’s Caspian Armless Chair can be used separately for individual seating or pushed together in different configurations to:

  • Accommodate a large group
  • Make a sofa to nap on
  • Create a lounger for backyard sunbathing
  • Form a sectional for group seating around a fire pit

Modular furniture like this makes outfitting your outdoor space much easier and gives you plenty of seating options for a variety of different situations.

How To Choose Your New Teak Outdoor Furniture

1) Measure the space

As we mentioned earlier, figuring out how much space you have to work with is one of the most important things you can do when choosing new outdoor furniture.

Take accurate measurements of the length and width before deciding how much of the space you want to be filled with furniture. This will keep you from buying something too big or purchasing too much furniture for the space.

2) Consider extras

When measuring your space, be sure to set aside plenty of room for extras, especially pieces that have specific spacing needs, like a fire pit if you plan on having one.

When the time comes, you’ll want to position the fire pit so that it is well away from buildings and has enough space around it that furniture can be moved back should the heat become too much.

It’s also important to survey the area above the fire pit for umbrellas, limbs, and building overhangs that can be damaged by the flames.

For more helpful information on making room for a fire pit in your outdoor space, check out these articles from the Ash & Ember blog:

3) Test your layout first

After measuring your space and making room for a fire pit, fire bowl, or fire ring, find the measurements of the furniture you’re thinking about buying and test your layout to see if it works and feels good.

Form cardboard, printer paper, or newspaper into the footprint of your furniture and try various arrangements within your space.

If you don’t have paper, create the outline of the furniture with painter’s tape to see if the chairs, benches, and tables fit where you plan to place them.

4) Allow for traffic flow around your teak outdoor furniture

When you’re testing different layouts, be sure to allow for traffic flow around your furniture. Large pieces packed too tightly can detract from the look and feel of the space and create issues for people trying to get from one area to another (especially when carrying food).

When creating main avenues of travel, leave at least three feet between furniture to allow for easy movement.

Keep in mind that open space and flow are as important as the furniture you choose for creating an inviting atmosphere.

5) Invest in high-quality fabrics and materials

If your teak outdoor furniture includes cushions, invest in high-quality fabrics and materials. Doing so will help the furniture last longer and provide comfort and style for years to come.

For example, Ash & Ember’s Onyx Grade A Teak Sofa comes with comfortable, water-resistant cushions that shed liquids, so the furniture maintains its attractive appearance for years after you buy it.

Long-Lasting Memories with Teak Outdoor Furniture

Regardless of the type of teak outdoor furniture you choose for your space, the memories you’ll make will last a lifetime.

Ash & Ember can help you find everything you need to make your backyard that dream a reality. Whether it’s chairs, benches, tables, fire pits, or other teak outdoor furniture, we’ve got a high-quality yet affordable option that’s sure to be perfect for your backyard escape.

Visit AshAndEmberOutdoors.com today to create a backyard oasis where you can unplug and spend quality time outdoors.